a Sunday afternoon in Barcelona.

Here is a photograph of my “Spanish parents”, Josephina (Fina) and Juan Antonio Anel. I lived with them for 11 months in a tiny two-bedroom apartment with one other american girl and their cat, Lo-Lo. At the beginning of the 11 months I spoke no spanish. They are both fluent in Spanish, Catalan, and French, but do not know any English.  The first few weeks were very….interesting. We got along by reading each others body language and using a Spanish-English dictionary which I would bring to the dinner table every night.  This photograph brings back many memories. First off, the graffiti in the background was everywhere in Barcelona. Some people found the graffiti distracting but I loved it because it felt alive and funky and meshed well with the cities vibrant feel. Also, you can see Juan Antonio and Fina “talking with their hands”. This is very common in the Catalan culture. They move their hands often when speaking and this picture really captures that. One of my favorite things about Spain was the plethora of parks and green spaces. There are random benches and chairs placed all around the city for people to sit back, relax, and take in the surrounding world. Here is a perfect example of two randomly placed chairs on a little side street near my old apartment. The strongest element of the photograph is their facial expressions and their interaction with each other. You can see Fina is really engaged in what Juan Antonio is saying. I would consider this photograph “travel photography”. It is an image that captures landscape and people from a different country & culture. It truly warms my heart when I look at this photograph. I learned so much from these amazing, loving people and I will be forever grateful that we were brought into each others lives.


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