It’s finally Thursday! This week was grueling. I worked a total of 39 hours and had 2 exams and 2 projects due. I’ll be taking 1 more test today and then it’s RELAXATION time. Valentine’s Day was crazy at work, probably the busiest day we’ve had since I began working their in July. Luckily I requested off this weekend and my request was fulfilled, hallelujah! 😀 My birthday is Monday and I planned on going out of town this weekend but after such a long week and exams and projects due this Monday and Tuesday, I plan on spending it here in Columbia. It’s been far too long since I have had a day to myself. No plans, no work, no school- sounds perfect right about now. I am exhausted & can’t wait to have some me time. So many wonderful possibilities I can do with these three days…hmmmm..I think I will…

  • Sleep in 😀
  • Finish reading my book
  • Take a few long walks/yoga/workout/be outside
  • Finish environmental portraits for photo class
  • Go to farmers market on Saturday
  • Drink lots & lots of tea!
  • Paint my nails 😛
  • Study for Econ and Graphics exams on Monday/Tuesday
  • DIY projects
  • Cook some delicious food
  • Relax!

I need to work on mastering the art of stress free productivity. Or just quit my job! (hehe, I wish..) I usually work atleast 4 shifts a weekend so this break is going to be amazing! yaaayyyyy………Now, I’m off to the library to study and then class from 12:30- 7 pm. It’s going to be a long day but I believe I’ll get through it by daydreaming of my weekend plans……

now for a little inspiration, just incase you’re feeling anything like I am today 🙂





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