Melrose Park.

For my multimedia piece, I wanted to highlight the benefits of a diverse community. When I showed the project proposal to my professor she reminded me that I can’t try to spin the story the way I want to attempt to convince people a mixed environment is a positive thing, but rather tell the story of the park and let people create their own conclusions. As I continue to interview, photograph and to get to know the people of the park, I’ve realized that the park isn’t as diverse as I had originally thought. The park is close to my neighborhood and every time I  get the chance to be outside or walk my roommates dog I always go to Melrose Park. I loved how there is always an eclectic group of ages and races enjoying the park. However, being behind the lens has made me observe much more than what I saw at first glance. I am now realizing that even though there are different ages and races at the park, they rarely come into contact with each other. It’s almost as if the park is sectioned off, a white area and a black area. This is extremely troubling to me. This project has only reminded me of how racism still exists and that it is quite prevalent just a few miles from my home. It’s disheartening because I’ve started to bond with the staff and people of the park. They are all so excited to see the multimedia piece and I feel as if the information I have gotten so far will shed a bad light on the community and the park.  This has been a good lesson for me and I am now starting to understand the difficulties a photo-journalist comes into daily contact with. You have to deliver an honest story so that the viewer can develop their own opinion about the circumstances, just like my professor had told me. As of now, I only have interviews from a mother at the park and one of the park leaders. However, tomorrow I am interviewing a few of the volunteers from the USC Honors college, 2 of which have volunteered there for two years. I am interested to see what I uncover. Until then…


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